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A Thai jasmine rice exporter

For more than 40 years of experience in rice industry, we have been proud to offer only the best quality of Thai jasmine rice to the Thai community and global market. We are committed to do out best to serve our customers' need and meet their satisfaction. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

Our company has its own rice mills and partners located where the best quality Thai Jasmine Rice is dominantly grown, providing guarantee of origin with lowest cost and premium raw material. 


The Company also has its own brand known as RiRi Khaosan, having been sold domestically to wholesalers and retailers in Thailand. We specialize in producing long grain Class A with four levels of rice milling i.e. Extra well milled, well milled, Reasonably well milled and Ordinary milled.


Our Products

We offer the best quality

THai hom mali rice (jasmine rice)

Locally known as Thai Hom Mali Rice. Thai people have rice as their staple food and It is a preferable choice of rice around the world. Thai Hom Mali Rice is internationally popular and unique in respect of its aroma, gentle, white appearance, cooking texture, and mouth -watering, suitable for those who sensitive to gluten. We offer a variety of products as shown below:

Thai Aromatic Jasmine Rice 100% A grade

100% Broken Aromatic Jasmine Rice A1 Extra Super Sortexed

100% Broken Aromatic Jasmine Rice A1 Super Sortexed

Thai Aromatic Jasmine Cargo Rice 100% A Grade


Our Production CapaBILITY


Since the company was found in 1985, we have been continuously developed and improved our factory equipment and machine to meet a growing demand of jasmine rice. Thus, our factory is equipped with the most efficient and effective machines. We purchase paddy directly from farmers and merchants within the source of origin.        Its total asset amount is approximately USD 20 Million, having more than 50 years of rice mill management experience. The primary product is Thai Hom Mali Rice sold domestically and internationally to wholesalers and retailers. its annual capacity is around 60,000 tons.

Quality Control
and Production Technology


 Rice Refining Process 

The advanced technology of rice processing has been applied to our production line to meet premium quality and secure customers’ sanitation.

 Selection and Storage 

Primary process: Unhusked rice is carefully selected and passed our quality control to ensure the authentic of Jasmine Rice and to be in compliance with requirement of Ministry of Commerce. Our paddies and milled rice are stored in temperature-controlled warehouse with proper and clean silo to maintain its best quality.


First, paddies are cleaned by magnetic detector that all impurities including dust and residues will be removed. Next, the destoner will capture small stone and fragment in the rice before passed onto the polishing process to enable the rice to become glossy and white. Then, the rice will be processed through grading process by separating sizes of broken rice from whole kernel. The rice is then passing through the colour sorter by using advanced technology (CCD system). In this stage, the unwanted colour of rice are sorted out before packing process.


The milling process of our rice has been adhered to international standards

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